4 1/2 stars “Bailey creates strong characters and palpable suspense in this tale that will keep you guessing.”  –Romantic Times Book Reviews

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Master Chief Cassidy Matthews thought she’d left random bombings and senseless death on the streets of Baghdad. But when a car explodes in the parking lot of her rigger shed, it blasts a hole into her carefully controlled life.  Her military unit erupts in chaos, her home is invaded, and her closest friend pressures her to take their relationship somewhere she never wanted to go.  Oh, and she finds her ex-husband bleeding in her coat closet.

Things can’t get much worse… or can they?  The evidence says drug smugglers have her soldiers on their payroll, and Cassy has been set up to burn if the scheme blows up.  The only person who can help her is the man who broke her heart twelve years ago.

Will Cassidy trust the man who betrayed her and the God she believes abandoned her?  Or will she shove them both to the side in a battle for control?

And will she live to make the choice?


Major Shane Logan is back on home soil after a grueling Special Forces deployment to Afghanistan.  While he was there, an informant revealed a traitorous plot to run drugs back to the States through the military’s supply lines, and the 82nd Airborne’s Division Parachute Officer has been targeted to take the fall if it all blows apart.  All Shane wants to do is warn the guy and start his vacation.  He didn’t count on the arsonist in the parking lot… or the revelation that his ex-wife is the DPO whose life is in danger.

Shane is wounded in an attempt to protect her, and the question arises:  is his biggest challenge blowing apart a smuggling ring?  Or is it winning Cassy’s trust and restoring her faith?  If he can’t convince her he’s her best ally, she could go to prison…  or lose her life.

Exposing smugglers will require all of Shane’s training, but what will happen when he discovers he’s still in love with the woman who walked out on him a dozen years ago?

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