2014 Word of the Year

So, in 2012 I chose “discipline.”  Yeah.  That one went off of the rails quickly.  And last year, I chose “intentional.”  To be honest, I didn’t do so well with that one either.  In some ways, it felt like life happened to me more than ever in 2013, instead of me grabbing it and living it.  Still, I’m going to try it again.  For 2014, the word is…

focusPhoto courtesy tcjakob on Flickr 

I went looking for graphics with the word “Focus” in them, and I found this one.  It’s perfect.  In 2014, I want to be more focused… first of all on Christ.  Then on my family.  Then on what He has called me to do in my life.  There’s been a lot of scatter the past few years, and it’s high time my focus was back on Him and His calling.

I’m looking forward to some changes in 2014.  A more active role at church.  More writing.  More time with my family.

More focus.

Anybody else chosen a word for their 2014?




  1. My word is “enough.” In a world that often concentrates on a person’s achievements, relationships, and stuff, it’s sometimes easy to forget that God is all I need. And with Him, I, too, am enough.

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